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Membership/Pledge Drive Update

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Ways to Fundraise


One of our biggest fundraisers of the year is in full swing and here’s where we stand:

Membership Goal – 200
Current Status – 77

Fundraising Goal – $10,000
Current Status – $7,711

Thank you to those that have participated so far!

REMINDER:  The BPE class with the most PTA members by October 15 wins a class party and a $150 classroom supply basket!


Here’s the classroom standings as of 9/23.

% Rank
Tinsley, 2nd Rm 09 26.90% 1
Gordon, 3rd Rm 10 21.70% 2
Donaldson, K Rm 17 19.20% 3
Turner, 1st Rm 19 16.70% 4
Marcus, 2nd Rm 11 16.00% 5
Doerner, 2nd Rm 01 15.40% 6
Chicorel, 3rd Rm 12 13.00% 7
Selleck, 1st Rm 02 12.50% 8
Williams, 1st Rm 04 12.50% 8
Acerno, 4th Rm 23 10.70% 10
Serbin, 3rd Rm 08 9.50% 11
Craig, 5th Rm 25 9.40% 12
Weiss, K Rm 15 8.30% 12
Osuch, K Rm 12 8.00% 14
Sperco, 4th Rm 24 7.10% 15
Welden, TK Rm 13 5.60% 16
Wade, K Rm 16 4.20% 17
Ioannides, 4/5 Rm 21 3.40% 18

If you have not yet sent in your membership and pledge and can contribute to represent your child, please do so today!  An envelope with your child’s name and teacher and cash or a check made out to BPE Elementary in their red folder is all you need to do! Or you can sign up online with a credit card at

What We Fund

Choir Instructor for 2015-2016 School Year, Art Instructor for 2015-2016 School Year, Jogging Club, Assemblies, Junior Achievement, Disaster Supplies, Field Trip Transportation, Classroom Supplies, Instructional Support Resources, Stingray Store, Positive Student Rewards, Family Events, Biztown, Recorders for 4th Grade Music, Razz Kids (online reading program), and so much more


Feel free to chime in. We are listening.

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