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Fall Fundraiser is going on now!!!  

Click Here To Donate

Ways to Fundraise


Fall Fundraiser is going on now!!!  

Donate today to help fund the amazing programs at Bay Park Elementary!


Our kids enjoy many supplemental educational programs and activities each year at Bay Park Elementary.  These are not provided by the district but through parent (and grandparent and friend!) donations.  Currently we fund an art program, 2-3 field trips per child, educational assemblies, after school choir, classroom supplies, and much much more.  As a result of our generous donations last year we were able to expand art classes, start a musical theater program and fund an extra spring field trip for our Stingrays.  We hope to continue all of these programs again this year!

We hold three major fundraisers each year, the Fall Fundraiser, the Jog-A-Thon, and the Spring Auction.  Each of these efforts must be a success in order to continue all the programs we provide.  If we exceed our goals, let’s think about adding more programs for our kids!

Look for your Fall Fundraiser information sheet in your back to school information packet, pick up one at the school office, or donate here!


Feel free to chime in. We are listening.

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