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The mission of the Bay Park Elementary PTA is to positively impact the lives of BPE children and families by providing fun and educational extracurricular activities that encourage a sense of community and enrich the elementary school experience at our school.

We empower our students to be the best they can be in an engaging positive scholastic experience.

PTA Executive Board Meetings

The PTA board meets the fourth Wednesday of every month. These closed door meetings provide time to go over the current budget, discuss upcoming events as well as converse on new ideas and ways to build community amongst the student body.

PTA Association Meetings

The PTA Association meets three times a school year. These open meetings allow members of the PTA to gather and go over the current budget, discuss upcoming events as well as address any concerns that the association members have with regards to the executive board or events held at the school. The schedule for association meetings is below:

  • TBA


Please join us as we commit to fulfilling this mission. everyChild, oneVoice.

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Feel free to chime in. We are listening.

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