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About Our School
Bay Park Elementary School
A California Distinguished School

The Bay Park staff values the link between family, community and student achievement. We are committed to maintaining an environment where families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in school activities. Our learning community joyfully inspires all to pursue excellence in teaching and learning in a child-centered atmosphere. Bay Park combines the academic rigor reflected in state framework and grade-level standards with sensitivity to each learner’s unique social and academic needs. The five core beliefs of our instructional program are: powerful modeling, opportunities for student conversation to build meaning, high expectations, differentiated instruction and learning activities, and community building/relationships. Staff, students and families embrace responsibility for building and maintaining a culture of respect where diversity is celebrated.

Our principal, Leslie Barnes, is easily accessible to students, family and community members. In addition to talking with parents following our daily school wide morning openings, she hosts monthly Principal’s Coffees where she shares student achievement data, updates the parents on school and district issues and answers questions and problem solves with the community to continually strive better support Bay Park’s students and families.

Parents and community members are extremely active classroom volunteers, chaperones on fieldtrips, event organizers and members of school committees. Our School Site Council (SSC), Site Governance Team (SGT), PTA, and Bay Park Foundation, provide resources to enrich the school experiences for our students.

Please visit the Calendars section of the website for a complete list school events and activities.

Our doors are open and we encourage you to frequently visit Bay Park Elementary School!

San Diego Unified School District’s Mission
All San Diego students will graduate with the skills, motivation, curiosity and resilience to succeed in their choice of college and career in order to lead and participate in the society of tomorrow.

The Bay Park Vision
The Bay Park community joyfully inspires all of its members to pursue excellence in teaching and learning in a child-centered atmosphere. Academic rigor is valued within an environment designed to support the growth of each individual. We share the vision of empowering learners to reach their full potential as capable, healthy citizens of strong character. Staff, students, and families embrace responsibility for building and maintaining a culture of respect in which diversity is celebrated.

Bay Park students are learners! They:

  • take risks, reflect on their progress, and never give up.
  • Ask lots of questions and use challenges to push their thinking.
  • Connect new learning to past learning and experiences.
  • Make their own meaning by practicing and experimenting with what they have learned.
  • Understand that learning is hard work with great rewards.

Feel free to chime in. We are listening.

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